Shrink Film

With an extensive usage area shrink film is a thermoplastic that is used for packaging different kinds of products. Polietilen shrink film produced in different types helps the products to be protected from external environment conditions. This film offers many advantages as a result of being resistant to moisture and durable to flexion. It is also provides an ideal and economical alternative.

Offering flexibe solutions for different requirements polietilen shrink rulo film is prefered for many reasons. Films, manufactured using advanced technology, stand out with the feature of protection. Producers and marketers prefer them for strong source structure, brightness and longevity.

Polietilen shrink films manufactured in facility of Coretex that has its own technology are applicable for both manual and automatic machines and they satisfy different needs with different thickness alternatives. Prior duties of these films are prevention of dispersion and damage resulted from rain, dust, sunlight and also providing convenience while shipping.

Shrink Film Features

  • Transparency and brightness
  • Different color alternatives
  • Thickness alternatives between 20 – 500 mic
  • Width alternative between 15 – 240 cm
  • Roll


Strech films that are manufactured using one of the most advanced tecnology produced in Turkey provide products with protection during shipping and storage. Products that are kept together safely, are protected from external factors like dirt, dust and damage. Strech film makes marketers’ life easier by preventing products stick to each other. Strech films as a transparent, light and economical product can be used conveniently for packaging different kinds of products because they are resistant to all weather conditions. It does not damaged when used for products that have sharp corners as it is flexible. It does not require to use rope or any other stabilizer.

Strech Film Features

  • Transparency and brightness
  • Different color alternatives
  • Slippery pattern on both sides
  • UV-reinforced
  • Resistant to be pierced and torn
  • Width alternative between 25 – 250 cm

Greenhouse Covering Film

Greenhouses protecting plants from external factors like rain, wind and cold are providing fruits, vegetables and flowers with the ideal environment. This environment help the plant to grow productively and this effects harvest frequency and product quantity in a positive way.

Greenhouse covering film, should be chosen according to variables such as sun exposure duration, soil structure and geothermic structure. The location of greenhouse is also very important. Coretex manufactures greenhouse covering films with different width alternatives that respond to different needs..

We have been working for Turkey since 1955

Established by Akay Group in business since 1955 Coretex is bringing 10-year experience and advanced technology together. Accomplishing its project carried out using its own shareholder's equity along with the support of TUBİTAK, Coretex takes pride in supporting country economy with the first film making machine produced in Turkey.