Coretex manufactures polietilen shrink film, stretch film and greenhouse covering film by the experience of Akay Group in industrial area for 40 years. Upon accomplishing its R&D project carried out using its own shareholder's equity along with the support of TUBITAK since 2011, the company made the first film making machine produced in Turkey ready to become operational in 2015.

Cooperating with many other sectors such as white appliances, electronic appliances, seramic, glass, beverages, metal, raw material, packaging Coretex makes a difference with its capability of responding special demands and orders thanks to manufacturing its own productions. The company that is offering the same product range and service quality for all the customers, works with the aim of adding value to the future of its partners from different sectors. Providing service with its professional team in the facility in Sekerpinar/ÇAYIROVA TOSB, the company targets to make use of its rooted industrial experience both in manufacturing film and producing machines that manufacture film.


Coretex that produces 100% local tecnology, values to use Turkey’s potential to make a contribution to the Turkey’s economy. Showing an important courage for the national economy, Coretex has accomplished to produce its own film making mechanism with the highest technology as a result of all the efforts since today. During the process, the company used local supply points and labor power to a large extend and maintains R&D studies to produce better technologies in Turkey. It takes firm steps forward to achieve its goals along with the experienced engineers in its team.


  • Responding to the developing market’s needs with fast service and quality products,
  • Adding value to the efforts of our partners using advanced technology,
  • Providing quality products using natural and local sources,
  • Making a contribution to national economy,
  • Leading the sector by continuing R&D efforts.

Our Values


Continuous Learning

Coretex gives importance to learn continuously and accordingly maintains its R&D efforts in order to produce brand new technologies.

Advanced Technology

Using its own shareholder's equity along with the support of TUBITAK Coretex, takes responsibility to produce advanced technology in Turkey.

Safety and Quality

Working with companies operating in different sectors, Coretex pays attention to safety and quality above all in order to add value to the future of its partners.

Sustainable Environment

Coretex does not risk the sources that next generations will need and puts emphasis on preserving environmental and social values.


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